Mónica Vázquez (@electricnana)

The Art of Breaking Away
(El arte de romperlo todo)

Commercial Fiction

Publish date: 09-07-2017


ISBN: 9788491291657

From pop singer-songwriter Mónica Vázquez, known as Electric Nana, this is an entertaining and moving novel where the music industry acts as a backdrop to a story of adventures, frustrations and love.


Have you ever felt the need to break everything that ties you to a routine into millions of little pieces?


Miranda has always dreamed of working in the world of music and she’s achieved it. She’s now a talented young singer-songwriter. But a series of events make her disillusioned with her work and in her personal life. One day she decides to leave it all behind her in Madrid when she travels to Edinburgh to live with her aunt. There, she’ll feel be able to reinvent herself and learn how to believe in people once more. But sometimes turning a new page is more difficult than it seems…


A book in the shop she’s working in makes her remember her past music career and all the mistakes she made. Will her new life, new friends and a new love interest give her the strength to break away from her past or to confront it head on?

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