Karina Velasco

The Art of Transformation
(El arte de la transformación)

Commercial Non-Fiction

Publish date: 01-07-2014


ISBN: 9786073142779

Release yourself from thoughts or beliefs that make you feel bad, guilty, low-spirited or foggy. This book is a path to freedom and general wellbeing.

We are all changing beings. Every seven years our cells change; each morning we need different things. Which is why this book teaches us to be a person in full control, with a clear mind to take responsibility and make better decisions about what we want and what we don’t want in our lives. We will be able to make small steps to create a healthier life, prevent illness, delay aging, combat depression, maximize creativity and have better moods. This book will help you to live fully, feel good with your thoughts and deeds, and your energy creating fascinating ideas.

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