Xavier Sala i Martín

Economics in Full Color
(Economía en colores)

Business & Economics

Publisher: Conecta


ISBN: 9788416029716

Complex economic concepts made easy to understand, using humorous, enlightening and entertaining examples + a charismatic communicator = A Full-color adventure


Economics is behind many of our everyday decisions. Sala explains the secrets of economists, the tricks of the Stock Market and the strategies used by companies. With a career spent both teaching, researching world economics, and consulting with governments and international financial institutions, he is in the privileged position to

question the implications of being rich, what «innovation» and human capital mean, the history of money, and many other related issues. His book bridges the gap between the science of economics and our daily lives.


As the author of the prestigious Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), which measures and ranks the competitiveness of all the countries, Salas is the most closely followed index on global economic and business competitiveness worldwide.

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