Tomás de Mattos

Don Candinho or the Twelve Ears
(Don Candinho o las doce orejas)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 10-01-2014


A thriller based on real events that occurred in Caraguatá, Uruguay, in the late 19th century: after two merchants have a confrontation, seventeen men break into the home of one of them, killing and robbing him, and raping his wife. The dead merchant’s father-in-law decides to exact revenge for the murder of his son-in-law and the rape of his daughter. He sends his son Candinho to find and kill each of the murderers, and then cut off their right ears and bury them beside his brother-in-law’s grave as a symbol that he has fulfilled his duty. Candinho carries out the task assigned to him, but all the while he questions the ethics behind exacting a blood vengeance.

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