Anna Cammany Jareño / Álex López López

Diary of a Geek Girl 1
(Diario de una friki 1. Una nueva vida (¡Desastre al cuadrado!))

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 09-05-2013


ISBN: 9788490430675

Hi there, geeks! Do you know who I am? Ever since I was a kid they’ve called me Disaster, because of my enormous ability to mess things up… (it’s not always entirely my fault!!). Anyways, as the adults say (ZzzzZZzz) bad things are contagious, so do NOT read this diary because I’m SURE that if you do, you’ll end up in some incredibly WEIRD messes of your own… Disaster is about to begin a new chapter in life: her first year in High School, where things are going to be much more complicated than she imagines… Throughout the summer, Natalia (a.k.a Disaster) has been imagining her first year in High School with a mixture of excitement and terror… It seems like an atrocious place of endless corridors, countless students and an infinite amount of teachers… Will she be able to make new friends? Will she understand anything of what the teachers say? How many tons of homework will she bring home every day? Will she manage to stay out of trouble the first week of school?

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