Anna Cammany Jareño / Álex López López

A Nerdy Girl’s Diary 3. Destination: Catastrophe
(Diario de una friki 3. Destino: Catástrofe)

Children and Young Adult


ISBN: 9788490431153

After spending her first week of summer break in town (where there is a beach, movies, a theme park and, most importantly, her friends!) Disaster is supposed to travel to Luxemburg with her family to visit her grandparents. It’ll be a proper road trip! They’ve even rented a motor home to sleep in, like in the movies! But sharing such a tiny space with dad, mom, grandma and the pets, will be a challenge: who snores so loud? Who sat on my glasses? Who ate kidney beans? And to make matters worse, Disaster is without her cell phone! HELP! How is she going to talk to The Invincibles? She could use her super modern grandma’s phone, but it’s rude to go through someone else’s phone… especially if it’s full of texts by some Mr.P…!

Disaster’s adventure could be NEVER ENDING!

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