Gabriel Zaid

A Chronology of Progress
(Cronología del progreso)

Literary Non-Fiction

Publisher: Debate

Publish date: 04-01-2016


ISBN: 9786073141093

An exhaustive compendium of human developments that puts forth a positive vision of the future, while offering a panoramic view of the evolution of the cosmos.


Progress is every innovation that is favorable to human life, whether in the physical, biological or cultural world; whether theoretical or practical, individual or social. It is more than a series of inventions and discoveries, and not merely the big historical milestones: it includes shorthand and vaccines, but not the atomic bomb. Progress is also the Song of Songs, the Defense of Socrates, and the music of Bach; it is the Big Bang, the evolution of the species, gastronomy, the wheel, the alphabet, the printing press, women’s suffrage, human rights, the Moon landing, environmental awareness, the Internet, cell phones, and microcredits.

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