Sara Birds

How to Make your Photos 100% Instagrammable
(Cómo hacer tus fotos 100% instagrameables)

Children and Young Adult


ISBN: 9788490438046

If you «literally die» when one of your photos gets more than 1,000 likes on Instagram, this is the book for you.

Learn all the tricks to succeed on Instagram!


Being successful on Instagram is not just about being fashionable, it’s actually easier than you think! We’ve brought together two talented instagrammers to teach you all sorts of tips so your photos can rule the web!


Learn how to use complimentary colors, the visual balancing of objects, symmetry, motifs and, of course, what all the best hashtags, captions and comments to use are, thanks to the simple and vibrant explanations, detailed illustrations and full-color photographs.


A colorful book that is the perfect guide to have at home or to give as a fabulous gift to friends and family.


Being a total pro with the camera is not a pipe dream. What are you waiting for to break the Internet?

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