Big Van, científicos sobre ruedas

How To Explain Quantum Physics with a Zombie Cat
(Cómo explicar física cuántica con un gato zombi)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 11-10-2016


ISBN: 9788420484624

This book explains the importance of quantum physics to future scientists.

If you are one of those people who thinks that it’s useful to know that time and space are actually the same, and that the only thing a proton can say to an electron is «stop being so negative», this is the perfect book for you. Because in its pages you will discover, through the daily life of a protagonist who has no idea about these things, that without quantum physics there would be no computers, no telecommunications, and no medical treatments like radiotherapy. Without quantum physics the laser would not exist, and without the laser there would be no Jedi swords, or airplanes, or X-rays. Seriously, open up this book, because you will have fun as you discover that you are interested in quantum physics.

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