Manuel Ríos San Martín


Commercial Fiction

Publisher: Suma de Letras

Publish date: 01-12-2017


ISBN: 9788491290599

An interactive thriller featuring television, social media, and anti-establishment urban tribes. A contestant dies on live television and it immediately becomes a worldwide trending topic. Could it have been intentional?


In London, in a society where people are obsessed with television, violence and social media, a disenchanted cop and a young woman at war with the world star in this terrifying, atypical thriller. This is a powerfully intense book that captivates readers from the first page with its plot that includes aspects of our daily life such as reality shows, social networks, technology and cybernetic groups. The intrigue and tension mount steadily as the novel progresses.


Circles is an interactive novel where readers have access to social networks and online documentation if they wish to expand their reading experience. It is a transmedia project that includes the novel, two Twitter accounts, a Facebook account and a website with multimedia material.

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