Ali en las Nubes

Girls Against Boys 1
(Chicas contras chicos 1)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 11-12-2015


ISBN: 9788420488158

Who first started this war, boys or girls? And how can a war be won when feelings get in the way…

Lena lives in her own special world, she loves history and music and is a Brainiac. Chance has caused them to meet four boys: Turo, Max, Daniel and Nico.

The summer holidays are about to end. Turo and his band have played a nasty little joke… Now the girls are longing for revenge and have one thing clear: they must stop them. Never mind that one of them is Ali’s new neighbor, Nico… for whom she’s begun to feel something special. Besides, the girls also want to have fun: The time has come to declare war on the boys!


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