Pablo C. Reyna / Luján Fernández Méndez

MultiCosmos #1: Pixelated Virtual Adventures
(Aventuras virtuales a pico y pala (Multicosmos 1))

Children and Young Adult

Publisher: Montena

Publish date: 04-07-2016


ISBN: 9788490435730

If you’ve ever gotten so addicted to a video game that you forgot to eat, this is the book series for you. 

The five Masters of MultiCosmos are pleased to announce the biggest competition in history: a challenge exclusively for the bravest, most experienced and most reckless Cosmics in the network. They must search for the most valuable treasure ever hidden, the Diamond trident, a weapon that makes whoever wields it invincible.

Multicosmos is the coolest game on the planet, a virtual universe where players can build houses, create businesses, make friends, gain experience, and test their skills. Will two ordinary kids be able to win the most coveted prize in the entire world?

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