Martina D'Antiochia

Martina’s Amusements #2 Adventures in London!
(¡Aventuras en Londres! (La diversión de Martina 2))

Middle - Grade Books

Publisher: Montena


ISBN: 9788490438848

Follow Martina’s adventures and forget the meaning of the word «boring»


A preteen’s life is not easy: gossip, tempers, teachers, homework, parents and siblings… Phew! The only thing that helps you get through the day to day is having a group of best friends to share crazy adventures with.

After a failed home experiment, Martina is sent to her room to ‘think about what she’s done’. What a drag! Luckily enough Martina is filled with ideas for new adventures. What if she sneaks out the window and goes to play with her friends in the park? Good plan! What Martina doesn’t realise is that they’re going to find something incredible hidden in the forest. Something with wings. And an engine. Something like a small abandoned plane. So cool! But it’s not so cool any more when suddenly Martina and her friends find themselves flying at full speed to London… Don’t believe it? Join Martina and her gang and discover what real AMUSEMENT is!

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