Mario Hinojos

Domestic Animal
(Animal doméstico (Caballo de Troya 2017, 4))

Literary Fiction


ISBN: 9788415451709

Two men converse in the complex and desolate labyrinth of a house. They dismantle the record of their lives as they are forced into this isolation by the outbreak of war. One asks questions, the other tries to answer them. Outside lies a city colonized by the intimidation of an army of wild dogs. Inside stories unravel under the watch of a therapist with unorthodox methods.

This novel is a reflection on war, on its people and its dogs, and also an examination of an individual’s disaffection and of civilizations as a whole. To tell the story, Mario Hinojos builds a book full of unanswered questions: What is left of us when what we thought was our home disappears? How far will we let ourselves be domesticated in order to recover this primitive shelter?

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