María Paz Amaro

Anatomy of a Ghost
(Anatomía de un fantasma)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 01-07-2014


ISBN: 9786073145237

Julia’s life has been stripped of hope, and seems to be stagnating in the quicksand of a past that haunts her in dreams and memories.

Julia Volterra is a young woman in her twenties who works as a textbook illustrator. Her gray existence is divided between the routine hours she devotes to her job and those she spends at home with her family. Or what’s left of her family following her little brother’s death and her father’s abandonment just a month after that unfortunate loss, when Julia was barely seven years old. Since then her home has been overshadowed by grief, abandonment and the decadent inertia of a once noble family. Yet fate has some surprises in store for her, which may finally allow her to move on, if they don’t sink her first.

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