Ignasi Oliveres

Something not entirely moral but not too dangerous
(Alguna cosa no del tot neta, però no gaire perillosa)

Commercial Fiction

Publish date: 11-10-2016


ISBN: 9788416430406

The winning novel of the New Author Prize organized by the Barcelona School of Writing and Publishing and the publishing house Rosa dels Vents.

A fast-paced thriller set in modern Barcelona, where the stories of four characters intersect and lead them to a believable yet unexpected finale.


Angel, Agustín, Oriol and Ricard could be your brothers, your cousins, your neighbors or your colleagues. They are ordinary people that do the same things as you: strive to get a job, fight to be with the person they love, have fun, enjoy life. They are lively and adventurous people committed to achieving their dreams: they take risks to get who or what they desire. But that also means that they would do things that are not entirely moral but not too dangerous…


This original and addictive novel is a story of affairs, sex, theft, espionage, raised tempers but also one of excitement, love, hope and with a large dose of reality.

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