Dani Rovira

Weary Wings
(Agujetas en las alas)

Commercial Fiction

Publisher: Aguilar

Publish date: 11-03-2016


ISBN: 9788403501713

With one micro-story per page, this original book poses several reading levels, which delight readers of all ages, establishing a sense of complicity with each one of them.

«Weary Wings, 88 stories to keep you flying, is a book for lovers of short stories and big emotions. Here I offer you love, nostalgia, hope, theories, and the desire to live life at its fullest. If a child gets lost in a sea of doubts with all these options, he or she should go ask an adult for guidance… and vice versa. Enjoy each and every nook and cranny of my heart and my mind.»

Dani Rovira.

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