Estanislao Bachrach

Ready Wit

Literary Non-Fiction

Publisher: Conecta

Publish date: 06-04-2015


ISBN: 9788415431633

As Bachrach debunks some mistaken ideas surrounding the brain, we achieve a greater understanding of it and of its intimate relationship with the mind, in order to be more creative

The last ten years have seen some fascinating technological advances in the field of neuroscience. Using neuroimaging techniques, we can photograph thoughts and measure neuron activity as the brain works to solve a problem. We have reached a key moment in our understanding of everything we know about how we function, who we are, and the nature of our human brain. Understanding will help us to improve the quality of our lives in a variety of ways. We can only change our brain by knowing how it works.
The only thing you need to do is exercise your brain so it learns to be «ready witted». Embark on a fascinating trip into the deepest parts of your brain.

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