Alejandro Carrillo Rosas

Farewell to Dylan
(Adiós a Dylan)

Literary Fiction

Publisher: Random House

Publish date: 11-01-2016


ISBN: 9786073150446

A coming-of-age novel influenced by the beat generation. A book about heroes, parents and the ideals we cling to in order to grow up.



Omar is nineteen years old, and completely and utterly obsessed with Bob Dylan. His whole world revolves around the singer, from his loves and passions to his failures and disappointments. When Omar meets Sara, a young woman who—interestingly—has the same given name as Dylan’s first wife, he falls hard for her. Together they wander through vast Mexico City in search of all the experiences Omar wants to have in order to «really live» life: crappy lows and joyous highs, virtues and pains, love and hunger; a life out of mind, far from his middle-class existence.


An intense reading experience, with a companion song for each chapter can be found on

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