Eire (Irlanda Tambascio)

Adelaida and Coco
(Adelaida & Coco)


Publisher: Grijalbo


ISBN: 9788425353284

Adelaida is a young, urban freelancer, a workaholic who’s also addicted to the social networks and has trouble tearing herself away from the screen. Luckily she has her cat Coco

Coco’s purring manages to bring her back to the real world. That’s why Adelaida loves him so much, and puts up with those moments when—as all cat lovers know—her pet insists on ruling the roost: incessant meowing, scratching, biting, and clawing at her bedroom door, and then there are the balls of fur that roll around the living room like tumbleweeds.

Then Adelaida enters into an existential crisis, and is left feeling like a plant that everyone’s forgotten to water. Again, it’s Coco who pulls her out of that spiral of negative thoughts. What better Zen role model than a cat? Honestly, have you ever met a cat who’s a worrywart?

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