Martín Roca / Esther Burgueño

25 Stories to be Read in 5 Minutes
(25 cuentos para leer en 5 minutos)

Children and Young Adult

Publish date: 04-12-2012


ISBN: 9788448831318

Which story would you like to start with? How The Three Little Pigs First Met the Wolf; The Misadventures of Arturo; The Hungry Bear Cub; How Carpets Started Flying; The Vain Witch and the Frog Prince; Why Castles Have Pointy Towers; King Filiberto’s Enchanted Mirror; What Tom Thumb Found In the Cow’s Belly; The Little Prince’s Dream; The Prince and the Mermaid; Why Leprechauns Have Such Long Noses; The Scarecrow and the Mice; The Disappearance of the Unicorns; Qasim and the Genie Who Granted Three Wishes; Princess Ricotta and the Baker who Made the Gingerbread House, and many more…

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