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Jordi Rebellón
I Wanted to Be Superman

(Yo quise ser Supermán)

Commercial Fiction / Inspirational Novel

  • Published: 09/04/2015
  • ISBN: 9788483658062
  • 344 pages

In this humorous novel with a touch of social critique, Bautista is a man with a superhero complex who just might finally make his dream come true. He has always wanted to be Superman, but when he dies and meets God, the divinity gives him a mission: to go back down to earth and take care of Ernesto, a boy who was abandoned in a garbage dustbin. Bautista will have to protect him from all danger and adversity. Is he up to the job?

About the author

Jordi Rebellón is a very well known Spanish actor. After his enormous success in Hospital Central, he is currently starring in the series Sin identidad on Antena 3.