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Javier Sadaba
Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

(¿Van los perros al cielo?)

Children and Young Adult / Non-Fiction

  • Published: 15/09/2016
  • ISBN: 9788420484501
  • 200 pages

This lovely edition, with blue ink on white, answers 77 questions about religion from a secular perspective, that of prestigious Spanish philosopher Javier Sábada.

How many religions are there? Gods or goddesses? Are religions important? What does it mean to be anatheist? What does it mean to be an agnostic? What is death? How long is eternity? These are questions that all children ask themselves, and not all parents know how to answer. In plain language and with a secular perspective, Javier Sádaba helps us to find answers to all these questions.

About the author

Javier Sádaba is a Spanish writer and philosopher and teaches at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy. He is an expert in religious, ethical and bioethical philosophy, as well as being one of Spain’s leading experts on German philosopher Wittgenstein. He is mainly known for his appearances on TV in debates about topics like euthanasia or abortion.