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Jours de Papier
Survival Guide for the Modern Couple

(Manual de supervivencia de la pareja moderna)

Graphic Novel

  • Published: 01/01/2016
  • ISBN: 9786073138956
  • 152 pages

Tania and Esteban tell their story, from how they met to their current cohabitation. They share their anecdotes with a sense of humor, while giving amusing and sincere tips and recommendations for life in a relationship. A book that aspires not only to relieve stress through a good laugh, but also to serve as an inspiration for a model of love and romance. With this guide, readers will find that an honest, fun relationship like Tania and Esteban’s is possible to attain.

About the author

Tania Yolanda Camacho worked at Anima Estudios doing 2D animation for the cartoon series El Chavo Animado. She has done illustration and animation projects for 11 Niños, Editorial Santillana and Televisa. Her short film UNDA (2009) was shown at the SPASM festival in Montreal. Her webcomic Jours de Papier has more than 2000,000 followers.


Esteban Martínez has worked in Technology and Internet. He now edits and writes some of the scripts for the Jours de Papier strip and is in charge of managing the project.