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Sandra Russo
The Feminine

(Lo femenino)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Literary Non-Fiction

  • Published: 01/05/2016
  • ISBN: 9789873752452
  • 216 pages

An exploration of the feminine through personal essays, theoretical reflection, scientific contributions, political analysis, and fiction. In this book, Sandra Russo employs different registers of writing, observation, and reflection, as a way to approach what we imprecisely call “feminine” by various means. Somehow both men and women are all trans people in an era in which we are allowed to doubt those who have told us what we are. This book is a mosaic laid out to facilitate our getting closer to what makes a person feel like a woman.

About the author

Sandra Russo worked on Enrique Vázquez’s program on Radio Belgrano, Mona Moncalvillo’s on Radio Splendid and on Pepe Eliaschev’s Cable a tierra. In 1987, the newspaper Página/12 was created, and she wrote for the International Politics section.