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Juan Trastos
Cecilia’s Adventures: I Hate School!

(Las aventuras de Cecilia)

Middle - Grade Books

  • Published: 01/03/2017
  • ISBN: 9789568474591
  • 50 pages

A comic for girls and boys with a lot of personality, who avenge the just and who understand SARCASM

Cecilia’s fairy godfather is a man, he hates the colour pink, and cannot stand his butterfly wings! What’s more, he has a terrible personality, he’s weak and frightened by anything. Who wants a fairy godmother like that?
Maybe it would have been better for him if his goddaughter was at least obedient, shy and quiet, but Cecilia is just the opposite: she fights for what she believes in, is naughty, verbose, sometimes grumpy, and spends all her time in Inspector Arcadio’s office – his archenemy!
 Get ready to read the adventures of this duo and witness how they end up saving the world and learning to love each other, in spite of everything.