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Rodolfo Martínez
Yave’s Splinters

(Las astillas de Yavé)

Commercial Fiction / Fantasy

  • Published: 13/03/2014
  • ISBN: 9788415831242
  • 464 pages

Detective Viola Mercante is an attractive, bisexual, foul-mouthed private eye who lives in a city in the north of Spain. One day, she is asked to work in a very strange case—she must investigate the Church of the Original God, an American secret religious sect that appears to be one cause of the seemingly calmness of a poor neighborhood outside her city.

About the author

Rodolfo Martínez published his first short story in 1987, and rapidly became a reference in the Spanish fantastic literature. He’s received many awards, and his novels have been translated into Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and French.