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César Poetry
The Curve of your Smile

(La línea curva de tu sonrisa (Colección #BlackBirds))

Young Adult Literature

  • Published: 26/10/2017
  • ISBN: 9788420486819
  • 152 pages

Discover this book of eye-opening poetry and fall in love with César Poetry’s sensibility.  

An intimate, romantic and exquisite book with duo-chromatic illustrations. A book full of spontaneity and craftsmanship, ideal as a gift for others and for yourself. It comes with a CD of songs for some of the poems.

About the author

César Ortiz Albaladejo was born in Murcia, where he works as a primary school teacher. A supporter of Emotional Intelligence and Teaching, he has lived in countries like the UK, Ireland and the USA. These trips have changed his way of living and his poetry. Several of his works have been awarded prizes, recognised and published in different international poetry collections.