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Julia Navarro
The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud

(La hermandad de la Sabana Santa)

Commercial Fiction / Historical Novel

  • Published: 20/02/2004
  • ISBN: 9788401335136
  • 528 pages

Present time. A fire in the Cathedral of Turin and the death there of a man whose tongue has been cut out. The investigators of the case, headed by Marco Valoni, will not cease in their determination to demonstrate that the events in the Cathedral are connected with the Holy Shroud. Valoni’s team will have to solve a mystery rooted in the times of the Templars.

About the author

Her novels have earned her several awards, such as the Premio QuéLeer to the best Spanish novel, VII Premio Lectores de Crisol, Premio Ciudad de Cartagena, Premio Pluma de Plata at the Bilbao Book Fair, Premio Protagonistas de Literatura and Más Que Música de los Libros, and were translated into more than 20 languages.

Rights sold

  • Israel: Agam
  • Italy: Mondadori
  • Japan: RH Kodansha
  • Korea: RH Joongang
  • Netherlands: Sirene
  • Norway: Bazar
  • Poland: Albatros
  • Portugal: Gotica
  • Romania: RAO
  • Russia: Azbooka&Bertelsmann
  • Slovenia: Ucila
  • Slovak Republic: Mlada Fronta
  • Taiwan: Crown
  • Sweden: Bazar
  • US: Bantam
  • Turkey: Dogan
  • Indonesia: UFUK Press
  • Denmark: Bazar
  • Serbia: Evro Giunti
  • Lithuania: Jotema
  • Latvia: Dienas
  • China: Gold Wall Press
  • Finland: Bazar
  • Germany: Bertelsmann
  • Greece: Patakis
  • Hungary: Jószef Kiss
  • Czech Republic: Mlada Fronta
  • Brazil: Ediouro
  • Bulgaria: EDNOROG