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Soledad Fox Maura
A European in Paris. The Life of Jorge Semprún

(Ida y vuelta. La vida de Jorge Semprún)

Commercial Non-Fiction / History and Biographies

  • Published: 12/05/2016
  • ISBN: 9788499924335
  • 352 pages

The definitive biography of a legendary figure who was on the front lines of 20th-century Spanish and European history. Semprún’s incredibly multifaceted and dramatic life offers something for all readers interested in the twentieth century. His life is the history of Europe: the Spanish Republic and Civil War, exile, the Nazi concentration camps, communism, literature, philosophy, film and Paris. This biography contrasts the events portrayed in his books with historical research and interviews with colleagues, family members, friends, politicians and intellectuals in Spain, France, Israel, the United States and Russia. It also contains photos and documents from private collections. This combination of sources will serve to more fully understand the enigmas posed by his legacy.

About the author

Soledad Fox Maura is a professor at Williams College, Massachusetts, USA. She specializes in the history and literature of the Spanish Civil War, the Republican exile and anti-fascism. She was a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar.

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  • France: Editions Flammarion
  • USA: Arcade Pubishing, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing
  • UK: Sussex Academic Press