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Julia Navarro
Story of a Sociopath

(Historia de un canalla)

Commercial Fiction / Historical Novel / Thriller

  • Published: 10/02/2016
  • ISBN: 9788401016950
  • 864 pages

This riveting book is set between London and New York, from the nineties to the current day. Thomas describes accurately and with shocking realism the shadowy mechanisms used by those in power and the sophisticated stage that the superrich and the mass media employ to promote politicians, who are simple actors playing a role written by someone else. His story is a stark, first-person account of his complex, destructive personality that finds greatest satisfaction in making others unhappy, even those he loves. Thomas Spencer’s shameless confession raises constant questions in the reader’s mind, forcing us to see the true nature of power in all its harsh reality through the story of a sociopath.

About the author

Her novels have earned her several awards, such as the Premio QuéLeer to the best Spanish novel, VII Premio Lectores de Crisol, Premio Ciudad de Cartagena, Premio Pluma de Plata at the Bilbao Book Fair, Premio Protagonistas de Literatura and Más Que Música de los Libros, and were translated into more than 20 languages.

Rights sold

  • Portugal: Bertrand
  • USA: Vintage