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Karmelo Iribarren
Love, That Old Neon

(El amor, ese viejo neón)

Urban Poetry

  • Published: 02/03/2017
  • ISBN: 9788403515987
  • 136 pages

Cult poet who is the primary influence on new Spanish poetry, Karmelo is the most recommended poet by artists, musicians, and young poets. His love poems are a viral sensation on the Internet, with a whole generation of fans. Karmelo and his poetry developed behind a bar, during his work hours as a waiter, and that experienced has tinged all his letters with a scent of cheap gin and sad dawns. He goes beyond the poetry of experience to go deep into a poetry of the uneventful, a poetry in the raw, and even a poetry of “disexperience,” of what didn’t happen, wasn’t experienced or wasn’t loved. He’s been accused of dirty realism, yet the austerity and sheer beauty of his language make him transcend the Bukowskian.

About the author

SPAIN – Karmelo C. Iribarren (Donostia, 1959) is a Spanish poet. He has worked as a bricklayer, an encyclopedia salesperson, and mostly as a waiter, none of which stopped him from developing one of the most evocative literary careers of recent decades in Spain.