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Zulma Saadoun
One Hundred Scars

(Cien Cicatrices)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Inspirational

  • Published: 01/06/2012
  • ISBN: 9789974701076
  • 190 pages

Cien cicatrices is the testimonial of a hidden reality that is much more common than we would expect. Through her own experience, the author explains the incomprehensible: why do some young people injure themselves? This book is an attempt to appeal to the strength of literature and the expressivity of poetry to talk about something that is very difficult to explain.

About the author

When she started having doubts about her vocation, she fell into a depression that led to her abandoning her degree. Back in Uruguay, she decided to write about her experience. Cien cicatrices is her first book.