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Ane Santiago / Elena Pancorbo
Letters to Nowhere

(Cartas a ninguna parte)

Children and Young Adult / Poetry / Young Adult Literature

  • Published: 19/05/2016
  • ISBN: 9788490436103
  • 128 pages

A collection of Ane Santiago's poems with wonderful illustrations by Elena Pancorbo.

Like everything that she writes in her blog of the same name, Ane Santiago's poems are genuine reflections of our daily life, of our steps into adulthood and of our true feelings. Her words are honest and talk about love, heartbreaks and the search for our own place in the world.

About the author

Enamorada del dibujo, con el que inicia una precoz relación que se prolonga hasta nuestros días y a la que nunca sería infiel, Elena Pancorbo reconoce a su vez que los tatuajes y los videojuegos también son muy atractivos.

La ilustración y el dibujo son el medio para expresar sus sentimientos estancados y una timidez, inoportuna a veces. El aprendizaje de la ilustración y la carrera de Bellas Artes complementan su formación y actualmente vive dedicada por y para la creación de imágenes que permitan hablar por sí solas, en constante movimiento.

Elena Pancorbo is in love with art; for her it’s a relationship that started early and has continued up till now and to which she’ll never be unfaithful (even though she recognises that tattoos and video games can also be attractive).

Illustration and design are how she expresses her innermost feelings and a certain shyness, which can sometimes be unfortunate. Learning illustration and earning a degree in the Fine Arts formed part of her training and she now lives dedicated to the creation of images that can speak by themselves as if in constant movement.