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Pablo Arribas
Head, Heart and Guts

(Cabeza, corazón y tripa)


  • Published: 18/05/2017
  • ISBN: 9788416588299
  • 304 pages

How does love happen? How to find it? How do you know when you’ve found it?

There are three ways to love: with your head, with your heart, and with your guts. With your head, love is called preference; with the heart, passion; and with the guts, desire. Either you love with all three or you’re destined for chaos."
The second book in the The Universe of Simplicity (6,000 copies sold) tells us about simplicity and optimism in love, hate and self-esteem.

About the author

Pablo Arribas (Madrid, 1986) has a degree in Journalism and Humanities. He is an enterprising sharer of knowledge and the creator of El universo de lo sencillo  (The Universe of the Simple), a project about motivation and personal development where he shares his individual way of seeing the world and which helps make the thousands of people that visit his website each day just that little bit happier.

Under the ethos that «a big change can not be done by just one person, but through a shared cause», Pablo Arribas teaches his personal life philosophy and invites each reader to discover the greatness that exists inside of us and to have the courage to follow our hearts and to go all or nothing for our dreams at all times.

Twitter: @Pablo__Arribas, @univ_sencillo
Instagram: @pabloarribas