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Sylvia Comas
Bubbles of Peace

(Burbujas de paz)

Children and Young Adult / Non-Fiction

  • Published: 03/11/2016
  • ISBN: 9788415594963
  • 264 pages

We live in a world with frequent distractions that never seem to end. We think that stress and anxiety are adult things, but in fact they also affect children.

A lack of concentration actually distracts us from what really matters: in order to live "perpetually connected" we must first be connected to ourselves. How do we achieve that? Sylvia Comas, the top expert in mindfulness for children and teenagers in Spain, teaches us how to apply this ancient technique that only began to resonate with us three decades ago. This book offers clarification on relaxation techniques for beginners. Emotional development, non-violent communication, and social intelligence.

About the author

Sylvia Comas is the director and founding member of the esMindfulness institution, an organization that dedicates itself to promoting the practice of mindfulness in Spain, providing classes in institutions (businesses, hospitals and centers of education) as well as to individual members of the public, training professionals in mindfulness.

With a degree in Business Studies and Masters from ESADE, Barcelona and HEC, Paris, her professional career developed over fifteen years in Paris, Madrid and New York as she held various management roles.

She’s a professor of Stress Reduction (MBSR), as recognized and certified by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, with a particular focus on promoting the practice of mindfulness in the education and business sectors.