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Raquel Díaz Reguera
A Guide to Grandmas

(Abuelas. Manual de instrucciones)

Children and Young Adult / Picture Books

  • Published: 06/11/2014
  • ISBN: 9788448842697
  • 64 pages

Kids tend to think that grandmothers are old and out of touch with the modern world, but it’s easy to recognize a super granny if one knows what what to look for. A super granny can wait in line for a week to get you tickets for a One Direction concert for. A super granny can line up for a week to get tickets for the One Direction concert; she can cook a meal for 3 and feed 250 people; and she can skydive to get the best spot at a crowded beach. Grannies were once the coolest kids in town, and here’s a handbook to spot every type of grandmothers.

About the author

Raquel Diaz Reguera is an illustrator from Seville who spends her time writing, illustrating and singing. She graduated in Fine Arts, graphic design and digital illustration at the University of Seville.

As a picture book author, she has published more than 10 titles. Her book «Is there anything more boring than being a pink princess?» is a milestone in children’s gender equality and in Spain alone it has sold 20,000 copies.