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Juan Muñoz
365 Beers You Have to Try

(365 cervezas que no puedes dejar de probar)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Food & Drink

  • Published: 20/03/2014
  • ISBN: 9788415989165
  • 272 pages

There is nothing like the taste of a great beer to fight the heat of a summer day, share the best moments with friends or wash down a delicious meal. Juan Muñoz Ramos, a prestigious sommelier and expertise in beer, recommends a selection of 365 beers that we can enjoy every single day of the year and become a real expert on the matter.

About the author

Juan Muñoz Ramos is the most renowned sommelier in Spain. He is also the president of the Unión de Asociaciones Españolas de Sumilleres, and he is involved in other associations and organizations.